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Atlanta Divorce Mediation Services, LLC. offers neutral guidance to help you navigate the divorce process. Mediation helps you avoid the pitfalls of the typical adversarial approach to divorce. Divorces can be difficult; however, the process should not cause additional trauma or add on another financial burden. Mediation offers you the choice to determine your own outcome in a cost effective manner. You will walk away with a settlement accommodating the interest of all parties involved, including children. Once you have completed the process, the mediator will write a Memorandum of Understanding summarizing your agreements which can be processed in the court with the help of an attorney or by yourself. Contact Atlanta Divorce Mediation Services at 678-985-8858 today and Take the Trauma Out of the Process ©.

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How It Works


Gather all the financial information like mortgage , car loan,


Call 678-985-8858 and set up your free 30 minute consultation, which is to be attended by you and your spouse


2-6 meetings with your mediator.You set the pace so that you feel comfortable with the decisions you are making.


once the decision making phase is completed, your divorce mediator will write up a memorandum of understanding (mou)


After making the corrections , you and your spouse will meet to sign the final copy of MOU


You are now ready to file your Divorce with the court in your county of residence


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May 25, 2022

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