Evaporative Condensers

FIL Evaporative Condensers are available in a nominal range of 74 kW to 2830 kW of heat rejection Capacity for single unit @ 28 Deg C WBT and 40 Deg C SDT.

The Condensers are specially designed to meet fluctuating and seasonal loads. They are used with all common refrigerants, for normally wet operation or dry operation at low ambient temperature. They can be applied to any new or existing system.

The main industries Served are

  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Marine Air-Conditioning
  • Logistic and Warehousing
  • Seafood and Fisheries
  • Chemical and Pharmaceuticals
  • Meat and Poultry
  • Dairy & ice Creams
  • Beverages and Breweries
  • Chilling Centers


  • Capacity Range : 74 TR to 2830 TR in single unit
  • Maintenance Free (EC & AC) Fans with Long Service Life.
  • High Evaporative Coil-Surface Area than any other conventional Condensers
  • Highly efficient direct-drive Fan motors lowers energy consumption and increased reliability.
  • Effective double life span that of conventional Evaporative Condensers.
  • Easy access to components for reduced maintenance hours and cost.
  • Modular premium energy efficient and weather resistant Fans.
  • High Power density through optimized water distribution over entire coil surface.
  • EC fans designed for evaporative service (optional)
  • Multiple fan motors provide increased redundancy.
  • Multiple fan motors provide increased redundancy.
  • More than 35 unit variants types available.
  • All Coils manufactured designed to ASME

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We provide Energy efficient & Environment Friendly refrigeraon soluon, fully supporng to "Make in India" program. Now a front-ranking company, F I L has been offering the customer the energy efficient latest systems for all Industrial refrigeration applications. Keeping this in view new products / equipment have been brought in and existing one's upgraded as per requirement prevailing in the Industry. F I L can also provide on line Total Energy Management System (TEMS) for almost all industrial refrigeration applications.

We have started manufacturing screw compressors since 2000-01 at our works with testing facility as per ISO 917: 1989(E) standards....

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