About Colonel Kirori Singh Bainsla

i dont need hand pump, I don’t need an aangbari, I will walk on foot, I will bring water from the well. But I want a school I want a residential English medium school in every district-

Colonel sir

Colonel Kirori Singh Bainsla : “Sukh Pave Mero Hans Birj Tome Bainsla – Part 2″Just as the swan is happy in Brij, in the same way the soul of Colonel Saheb is happy between this hut and this greenery.

Who would not be familiar with the innocent greenery waving in his hut and courtyard at Mundiya Niwas. Colonel Sahib used to sit for hours in this small garden of his. He used to sit here listening to his fav

ourite songs, read books. Used to meet visitors. Used to contemplate and discuss the strategy of the movement.

If the trees and plants of this green courtyard could be asked, they would surely tell that with how much the heart of Colonel Sahib used to weave the future of his community here.

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His work

If you also have any shared experience related to Colonel Sahib’s attachment to nature and trees, then definitely tell!

Military Career

Bainsla fought in the Sino-Indian war of 1962 and received an emergency commission as a Second Lieutenant on 2nd August 1964.

Social service

During the agitation movement of 2008, Bainsla once said, “Only a bullet or a letter (granting the demands) can remove me from here.

Gurjar Reservation Movement

Demand for Scheduled Tribe status

In Rajasthan, Gurjars are officially part of communities that fall under the Other backward castes (OBC) category.

Devnarayan Scheme

Bainsla was the man behind and the creator of the Devnarayan Yojna – a government program for the upliftment of Banjara/Baldia/Labana, Gadia-Lohar/Gadalia, Gujjar/Gurjar, Raika/Rebari and Gadaria (Gaadri).

Social Work

Bainsla was appointed the lifetime founder chairman of the Society for the Upliftment of Youth and other Groups (SUYOG), registered in 2013 under the Societies Registration Act, 1860.

Colonel Bainsla Foundation

Colonel Bainsla Foundation is a registered trust which was founded by Bainsla with a vision to ensure that each person is provided with “good health” and “good education”.

Connected to Jat Samaj

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