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Coral Healthcare produce premium condoms, ultrasound probe covers, sterile gloves and related latex and lubricant products for the Australian healthcare sector.

Since 1987, our guiding pillars of Pleasure, Protection and Planning have supported us to manufacture helpful products that, enhance sexual pleasure, provide STI/AIDS protection, and improve family planning. Our products function effectively, are safe to use and are 100% regulation compliant.

It’s important that we, first and foremost, provide products across our diverse markets that are safe to use and 100% regulation compliant, are of the highest quality possible, and that function well.

Industry Regulations.

For quality that counts, Coral Healthcare operate an ISO 9001 manufacturing system. We adhere to international Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

We meet the relevant industry regulations issued by:

Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) – Australia
World Health Authority (WHO)
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – United States

We obey international quality standards for:

ISO 9001, ISO 4074, Schedule R (India), European Standards, Japanese Industrial Standards, Guobiao National Standards (China)

Our Promise to You.

Coral Healthcare promise our customers, partners and members of our global society to create ever-increasing value.

We will produce excellent products you can rely on for quality and effectiveness.

We take responsibility — through strategic objectives and business processes reflecting our core values — to uphold your trust. Coral Healthcare will always manufacture our products to international best practices, benchmark our systems to meet and exceed global standards, communicate openly and clearly with our whole organisation, commit to learn, innovate and implement new technologies.

By applying our energy and expertise, we will strive to deliver products that surpass your expectations.

As a humanity-driven enterprise, Coral Healthcare will move beyond our commercial interests to care for and value our society through initiatives that make a real difference.